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October 29, 2008

Monica Dux and Zora Simic

Feminism has been a bad, bad girl. Or so we are constantly told.

All around us, feminism is getting the blame for women not having babies.

For the stress of working mothers. And for the rise of ‘raunch culture’.

It seems that the final feminist destination is a sordid, selfish mess. What happened?

Why has feminism gone from being a movement that was there to help women, to one that is held responsible for much of what ails them? And what does feminism really stand for?

In this refreshing book, Monica Dux and Zora Simic – who do call themselves feminists – examine the popular debates in which feminism stands accused. They show how this Great Feminist Denial is suppressing genuine debate about the problems that women face, and preventing real feminism from providing the solutions it still has to offer.

The Great Feminist Denial puts an ailing feminist past to rest, and proposes
a way forward that offers the young women of today a new way of calling
themselves feminists.

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Reviews and media

“Required reading”
  • Vogue, November 2008.

“You go, girls, The baton has been passed.”
“Dux and Simic are pithily tearing apart the usual stereotypes”
“[the authors] remind us that however ubiquitous feminism may be, there are still stories that aren’t being told, issues that aren’t being dealt with.”
  • Rachel Hills, The Age, 13 October 2008.
“Our rating: 10/10”
“… a truly remarkable piece of historical analysis”
“I read The Great Feminist Denial with glee – it warmed my tired feminist heart,”
“This is a handy guide for men who would like to catch up with the evolving values of feminism and a useful reference for women who might be wondering whether feminism has any relevance for them.”